Evan Kysley

Hey! I'm a Front End Engineer (but I can spin up a damn good backend if need be) in the Greater Toronto Area. I'm currently working @ AdParlor. More specifically, developing our kickass Tools platform.

I try not to take my personal website too seriously — if you haven't noticed.

Over the past two years I have:

  • Started @ AdParlor
  • Graduated w/ a focus on Software Engineering
  • Co-Founded a Cryptocurrency Strategic Advisory
  • Reported on my due diligence for dozens of startups in the Crypto space

You can find the whole story on my github and LinkedIn.

Notable Projects

typvp is a multiplayer, "social", typing app. Featuring multiple gamemodes, real-time races, and many other features. It's goal is to be a replacement for all other typing websites. Developed as a Full-Stack OSS project.

Collaborative Story Writing with Version Control. Finalist project for my teams Capstone Project during school.

A Social Network focused on hype clothing — reviewing pieces, aggregating hauls and acting like a big ol' database. However, community support wasn't enough. The idea was deemed too "predatory" for the [niche subreddit] mods to allow it on their subreddit (so I stopped working on it).

My first attempt at publishing a React package. It has since been rewritten using better tooling & best practices. What a humble beginning.

A full list can be found on my github